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Come, join in and be a part of the vibrant Canadian community!



Canada is a multi-cultural nation that celebrates diversity in its entirety. Many of its inhabitants were either born abroad or first generation Canadians


The people of Canada are proud to call themselves Canadians without giving up their cultural identity.  Canada has been declared as the best country in the world to live in by the  United Nations with its abundant  pure fresh water resources, flora & fauna and standard of living.    


Canada is the second largest  country in the  world (land-wise) and the least populous. Knowing Canada from the people who have known the place would give you the best-authenticated  information about its lifestyle, economy, job prospects and transition  requirements. This will help prospective immigrants in identifying the place of their choice to live and work in Canada. Canada offers free medical services to its citizens.  Education up to Grade 12 is free and post secondary education is subsidized.



a.          Organizing free information sessions to make the Client aware about Canada . The Immigration procedure and the opportunities Canada provides to the Permanent Resident. This information will help the clients to take well-informed decisions.

b.              Assessment.

c.              Identifying who will be the Principal Applicant.

d.              Briefing the requirement and benefits of relatives in Canada and having arranged employment.

e.              Identifying the job skill, this is easily transferable to Canada .

f.               Identifying the Code under various Jobs, which the Client has done/presently doing.

g.              Issue of application kit; check list and a detail briefing of how to get the supporting document organized for filing.

h.              Writing a detailed submission letter.

i.               Submission of application for Permanent Resident to Canadian Visa Post.

j.               Timely submission of replies to various queries of the Canadian High Commission as provided by the Client.

k.              Briefing the Principal Applicant, Spouse and Children about the various activities, studies and certification they have to do in India to facilitate an easy transition to Canada .

l.               Counseling the client for Interview.

m.            Briefing the client for Medicals.

n.              Checking the accuracy of Visa.

o.              Detailed briefing about migrating from India and providing information of the documents required to be carried. Written instructions in the form of Booklets issued at the time of issuing Visa.

p.              We offer a five days Employment Readiness course during which we give training in preparation and submission of resume, briefing on job market and hiring procedures, preparation for job interviews, train the clients to enable them to get suitable job placements.

q.              Assist in getting assessment of qualification done in Canada .

r.               Briefing the Client about the Health Insurance requirement till 3 months after arrival in Canada .

s.              Taking the pre-instruction for the type of House/Guest House in which the Client will be staying for a month till they move to the resident of choice.

t.               Getting the payment process done for one-month stay in Canada .

a)        Free pickup from Port Of Entry

b)       Providing one-day Complimentary food supplies.

c)        Assist in getting SIN No.

d)       Assist in applying for Permanent Resident Card.

e)        Assist in opening a Bank A/c.

f)        Assist in getting telephone connection.

g)       Provide free Internet facility during training.

h)       Briefing the client about the importance of family Doctor.

i)         Assist in taking medical insurance.

j)         Assist in getting admission in Schools.

k)       Assist in renting a house.

l)         Assist in use of public transport system.

m)      Assist in car purchase and insuring.

n)       Assist to ensure that at least one member of the family gets a transitional job  after landing in Canada .

o)       Organizing periodic client meeting for ongoing assistance in matters related to settling down in Canada .

p)       Assist in getting assessment of qualification done in Canada .

q)       Assist in getting Professional Memberships’ in Canada .

r)        Assist in getting admissions in Universities in Canada .

s)        Assistance in applying for Child Care Benefits.


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