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Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program is the most popular immigrant program for one to  become a Permanent Resident and to become economically established in Canada using their skills. Canada is on the look out for Skilled Worker Immigrants (professionals with Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors, Diploma or Technical Trades)  with transferable skills, relevant experiences and training in their respective professions along with a Proficiency in English or French to settle in their Dream Land Of Opportunities

For you to qualify to apply for Immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker Program you must acquire 67 points out of 100 . This Point System assessment is based on Six different factors :

1) Your Education /Qualification
2) Your Work Experience
3) Your Age
4) Arranged Employment in Canada
5) Adaptability
6) IELTS (English) / TEF (French) Canada's two official languages   
Apart from this you must also have sufficient settlement funds to support yourself as well as your 
dependents once in Canada.
 To apply for immigration to your Dream Land of Opportunities under the Federal Skilled Worker category, Fill and submit
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Business Immigration Program

Canada the Land of Opportunities is renowned for creating a Global Village through its immigrants from all over the world. With the advanced science and latest technology Canada has immense opportunities for the business men from all over the world to invest and expand their business.

There are three classes of Business immigrants:

1) Investors  

2) Entrepreneurs

3) Self Employed



Who qualifies under  these classes



They require a minimum net worth of 800,000 CAD and they should be able to invest at least 400,000CAD with the Canadian Government for a period of FIVE years and this will be returned to you after FIVE years FREE of interest.


Entrepreneurs :

They should have a minimum of at least 2 years Business experience and have a net worth of 300,000CAD. They should be able to own and manage a business in Canada and thus contribute to the Canadian economy and create jobs.




They should have the ability and intention to make significant contributions in any of the specified economic activity like cultural, athletic or agriculture and economically establish themselves. They should have sufficient funds to support themselves and the dependents once in Canada.


For you to qualify to apply for immigration in Business Class Program you must acquire 35 points out of 100.


The point system assessment is based on FIVE different factors :


1) Education

2) Business Experience

3) Age

4) IELTS (English)  / TEF (French) Canada's two official languages

5) Adaptability


To apply for Immigration to your Dream Land of Opportunities under the Business Class category, Fill and submit your assessment form online in the Business Class and get a FREE assessment done through our experts.


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