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Since October 2000, Major GK Nair (Retd) has been serving as the President and CEO of Microprotech Industries Incorporated, Vancouver , British Columbia Canada . Microprotech Industries Incorporated is a Process Control Instrumentation and Environment Protection Marketing company .In April 2001 Major Nair happened to read an article on the Komagata Maru incident. “On 23 May 1914 , when 376 Indians arrived in Vancouver harbour on board the Komagata Maru, Immigration authorities prevented the passengers from disembarking on a variety of pretexts.  For weeks the vessel lay in harbour, its human cargo deprived of food and water by Canadian authorities with a view to weaken their determination. 

The passengers were threatened with the use of force. The case in the courts resulted in the legal defeat of the immigrants.  With the local citizenry cheering from the docks, Canada 's HMCS Rainbow escorted the Komagata Maru to international waters on July 23, 1914 . On reaching Calcutta , the ship was detained at the town of Budge Budge on the Hooghly River on September 29. The police rounded up about 250 passengers. Twenty people were killed. Twenty-seven escaped”. This Canadian History made Major Nair realize how fortunate he was to reap the rewards of those people who gave their yesterday for our today and nourished the idea of helping the immigration seekers to Canada . The following day, he registered Destine Canada Immigration Consultancy services in Vancouver British Columbia under the full ownership of Microprotech Industries Incorporated and appointed Gopalakrishnan Sulochana Sreelatha Nair as its first Director. In 2004, consequent to the formation of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), Gopalakrishnan Sulochana Sreelatha Nair was given the task of taking the membership in the CSIC so as to represent the clients as per the regulations. Bill C-35- an act to ammend the Immigration and refugee protection act came into force effective June 30, 2011 consequent to which full members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council(ICCRC) became the new Regulatory Council. Sreelatha Sreelatha Nair Gopalakrishnan Sulochanana became the member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council(ICCRC ID-R411255).  

On becoming a Canadian citizen in May, 2004, Major Nair wanted to give Destine Canada a Global status and started preparation for incorporating his business in India .  Coast To Coast Immigration Consultancy Services Private Limited was formed in October 2004 with its Head Office at Mumbai.  Presently Coast To Coast has a global client presence


Our CMD Major GK Nair (Retd) on a Alumini meeting at BHS Dhanuvachapuram, Trivandrum

Born at Mathrakkal Veedu, Arayoor, Trivandrum , Major Nair received his  B.Com (1978)  from the University of Bhopal , his B.A. (1984)  from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, is a candidate for from Himachal Pradesh University and MFC from Punjab University .Major Nair received management, technical and command education from various coveted In –Service Training Academies of the Armed Forces in India .

Upon completion of his B Com, Major Nair joined the Indian Military academy and was commissioned into the 8th Battalion of Kumaon Regiment in June 1987.As a captain he moved into the Military Intelligence wing and took premature retirement in July 2000 as a Major after commanding various detachments. He was appointed Manager of Carriappa Memorial Park Bangalore during its construction stage and was honored by the Prime Minister of India. Major Nair married Ms Gopalakrishnan Sulochana Sreelatha Nair, grand daughter of Chatayam Thirunal Itammar Ravi Verma Thampuran of Kilimanoor palace. Major GK Nair (Retd) has published extensively in his field. Major GK Nair’s commitment to the advancement of immigration research has identified him as a leader in the Immigration community. Major G K Nair (Retd) is a resource person on Canadian Immigration and has given many TV interviews and talks in All India Radio which were acclaimed by the audience.

While interacting with the prospective immigrants to Canada , Major Nair realized that the right procedures and knowledge on how to immigrate to Canada is unknown to majority of immigrant seekers. The reason is nothing but ignorance of rules and operating procedures of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). A strong activist of Global village concept, wants to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of “Continuous Journey Regulation” of 1908 and another Komagata Maru” tragedy. This will be a great tribute to the humanity and the  “Global Citizenship ” concept, which Major Nair propagates.  

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