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Canada's commitment to its international obligations reflects its humanitarian tradition and core values of compassion and fairness. Responding to the recent Tsunami crisis, the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Paul Martin, announced that The Citizenship And Immigration Canada would be waiving the New Application Processing Fees and the Right of Landing Fees for persons affected by this disaster. The Citizenship And Immigration Canada is also fast-tracking existing applications of Family Class applicants under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act who have been personally affected by the disaster and have immediate family members in Canada. This first hand information was provided by Major (Retd.) G. K. Nair – Chairman And Managing Director, Coast To Coast Immigration Consultancy Services Pvt. Limited, in their Special Seminar held at the Indian Merchant Chambers, Churchgate, Mumbai on 05, January 2005.Upkeeping the Canadian values, Coast To Coast Immigration Consultancy services will be offering free consultancy services to the immigrant seekers to Canada from the persons affected by Tsunami disaster.

Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is but the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on it should be courageous to face the challenges that lie ahead. For some, getting in to Canada proceeds smoothly, for others the process proves more difficult. Once in Canada, everyone has the same goal – to successfully settle in.

Coast-To-Coast Immigration Consultancy Services Pvt. Limited (CCICS) is all about providing a global transition, education and trade consultancy package. As per the credo of CCICS, “With utmost respect to Human Values, we promise to serve our clients with integrity, through innovative, value for money solutions, by applying thought day after day”. CCICS is there with you at every step of the way to make your resettlement in the new country hassle free. We encourage prospective immigrants to migrate to Canada, since Canada offers an economic and social environment in which one can rise to the level of one’s ability.

Canada is a multinational nation that celebrates diversity in its entirety, which encourages immigration. It is preferred over other countries, including USA because of its stable economy, belief in world peace and a time tested security system. The people of Canada are proud to call themselves Canadian without giving up their cultural identity. With a large portion of public expenditure devoted to education, health care, internal and international security; Canada remains one of the most favored nations to live-in. Pension schemes, household benefits, unemployment insurance, disability subsidies, welfare payment, spending in research related activities, waiving of tuition fees for PhD in many universities such as University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, are some of the other highlighting factors which motivates immigrants to select Canada as their dream destination. Based on level of education, income level and healthcare system, the United Nations consolidates Living Standard Index, which measures a country on an annual basis, Canada has been ranked best for many consecutive years. Canada offers first class primary and secondary education, free, for all residents. In Canada, hard work and individual initiative gets recognized at work place, without any kind of discrimination and is suitably rewarded.

At the Political Front, Canada believes in giving impartial decisions, abiding by the value of human rights. Rights to a fair trial, protection against discrimination rights to live and work anywhere in Canada, freedom of speech, religion and peaceful assembly are all protected under the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedom. English and French are the Nation Languages of Canada. With absolute freedom to Press, the Canadians enjoy in communicating their independent views in the national and international arena.

Main concern of any immigrant seekers is the time taken to get an Immigrant Visa. The length of time it takes to finalize applications may be different at different visa offices. As per by Citizenship and Immigration finalisation of Applications for Permanent Residence applied from October 2003 to September 2004, filed at New Delhi under the Skilled Worker Category is 30% within the first 3 months, the next 50% in 6 months, the next 70% in 30 months and next 80% in 37 months and remaining cases can even take more than 37 months.

The next question that comes in the mind of an immigrant is about the situation in Canada after the 9/11 crisis. A Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States was introduced on December 29, 2004 to create an effective measure of control, necessary to better manage access to Canada’s refugee determination system.

As of today, certain asylum seekers in Canada and the United States will be required to make their claim in the country where they were last present. This means that asylum seekers arriving in Canada at the land border from the United States will not be eligible to have their refugee claim determined in Canada. Similarly, the agreement allows the United States to return to Canada asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States from Canada. The agreement will enhance the orderly handling of refugee claims and strengthen public confidence in the integrity of the asylum systems of both countries.

The various reports published by statistics Canada, indicates that the Canadian economy grew after the 9/11 incident. The dollar value in 2000 was INR 28 is presently INR 38.7. Employment rate has increased irrespective of decreased movement of job seekers to USA, since Visa Entry to USA was introduced for Permanent Residents. Public debt reduced. Inflation rate reduced by approximately 1%, meaning the value for money increased. The GDP and export remained approximately stable. Thus the Canadian Economy showed an upward trend after the 9/11 crisis.

These changes are going to increase the number of immigrant seekers to Canada considerably.


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